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If You Look After & Cherish Your Heart
Your Reward will be I
ts Strong, Steady Heart Beat  & Loving Devotion 

Save a hert brain in crisis

Save A Heart or Brain in An Emergency Crisis
A stroke or a massive heart attack can spell death. Even mere seconds can kill. So, while waiting for the emergency services to arrive, you can do a few things to save your loved-one's life...Because sometimes, these services may arrive just that little bit...too late...

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A Rock in A Rocking Chair A Day Keeps Your Doctor Away!

Whether you're suffering from a heart attack, or a stroke, or Alzheimer's Disease, or any other neurological disease for that matter....here's an effective remedy for you! Rock yourself in a rocking chair!

Mums have been rocking their babies to sleep for centuries. The action calms and soothes babies and they fall asleep, gurgling with pleasure.

Rocking soothes your nervous system. So when you're under stress, here's what you do: get on a rocking chair and rock yourself.

You're not a child now for Mum to rock you, but you're certainly never too old to rock yourself!

Cardiac Arrest is NOT a Disease. IT IS DEATH!

Cardiac Arrest Fast Remedy
When the heart stops, blood flow to the brain stops too.

What you need to do is to:


Waiting for the emergency service to arrive might be TOO LATE

This is because blood flow to the brain stops immediately the heart stops. A brain starved of blood is a dead brain..

Cardiac Arrest Fast Remedy

The link between Statins - Liver Cancer Connection

These days, without fail, when we are at a dinner party or a cocktail do with wine and lovely luscious meats, the conversation settles on an all-time favourite: Our Cholesterol Level.

We skirt over issues on sex, religion, politics. murders, pedophiles…but invariably, we return to…our cholesterol level. Everyone seem preoccupied with his or hers.

The $1 million question: What, in reality, is a healthy cholesterol level?

heart juice

The Natural Tonic That Helps Clear Arterial Plaque and keep your arteries squeaky clean!

Download your HEART JUICE Recipe below.
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